Home Care and Live-in Care Services in Bayswater

Westminster Care is a leading home care and live-in care (24hr) provider.

What we do

We are passionate about providing the best care for adults of all ages, who reside in and around the Bayswater area. We believe that family is at the heart of everything we do as a care company, as we’re a family owned business.

Being able to give the care that we would want for our own family members is at the core of our ethos. We have trained our carers to the highest of standards in a multitude of different caring disciplines.

The clients are at the centre of our business. Ensuring that they maintain their wellbeing, confidence and independence during our care visits are a primary concern of our own.

Our carers and all of our staff for that matter pride themselves in delivering one of the best care services, whilst maintaining the clients requirements in mind and being able to show confidence, respect and warmth during their visits.

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Our Services

As we believe in our work, we don’t need long term contracts and agreements. All of the care that we provide is tailored towards you, and is delivered in the form of a care package. Here are some of the services that we can provide you with:

  • Caring for the elderly
  • Caring for those with Dementia & Alzheimer’s
  • Caring Overnight, Live In Care
  • Caring for those with a physical disfigurement or disability
  • Supporting those with Autism or other learning difficulties
  • Washing and bathing, general hygiene
  • Preparing meals for the client
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Supporting the primary carer in their needs, also known as respite care
  • End of life care and emotional support
  • Companionship and company, escorting them through the community
  • Supportive care after being discharged from hospital

Below you will find some extra details about all of our services…

24 Hour Care in Bayswater

Our live in care package allows the client to remain stead in their own home whilst receiving all of the care that they may require. Our professional carers have expertise in many areas, in personal and practical care. We can provide a solution to any of your care problems.

Dementia & Alzheimers Care in Bayswater

An individual suffering from either Dementia or Alzheimer’s are a fantastic fit for our care service. We provide the individual with the option of staying at home whilst receiving a completely bespoke care package suited to their needs.

Our care staff are very well trained in this type of care, and have also been specifically trained in caring for those with Dementia & Alzheimer’s. We understand that those with the condition prefer to remain in their current environment, and would also prefer to maintain their independence and dignity whilst doing so. This is the exact reason why we have trained our carers to an unremarkable standard.

Respite Care in Bayswater

Respite care is in place as one of our services because we understand that carers have to take a break from their duty from time to time. As we’re a care company, we understand all of the needs and requirements a carer may have, and we have put in much effort to ensure that any carer can receive the support they require to continue with their caring role.

We are able to plan this type of service both ahead of time, and in an emergency situation. We are able to respond very quickly to emergencies, and provide the service required by the client.

Re-Enablement Services in Bayswater

We provide our re-enablement services to those who require some extra help following a difficult time, or return from hospital. We are very well trained in providing the client with more confidence throughout all of our visits, and maximise their independence during this difficult times.

On the day of enquiry, we try our best to start work on that day. This would allow us time to make sure that everything is in place to make the clients return to home smooth, and unhindered. All of our professional carers are trained to provide reassurance throughout the process, and to ensure that the client is feeling confident in themselves during the duration of their package.

End of Life Care in Bayswater

We allow those with a life threatening condition or illness to maintain their dignity by staying in an environment they are comfortable with. Our professional carers are very well versed in giving emotional support, alongside their personal and practical care needs. We like to offer a choice to our clients, and we choose to support them with everything they need in terms of a suitable care package.

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