Home Care and Live-in Care Services in Belgravia

Westminster Care is a leading home care and live-in care (24hr) provider.

What we do

We strive to assist all of our clients live in a safe environment, maintaining their independence and dignity whilst remaining in their own household. We are a family business, and providing a fantastic service is at the heart of all of the care we provide.

We want to provide the care to others as we as a family business would want to provide to our own family. Our professional carers are also at the heart of our business, coming from a number of different caring backgrounds, including Dementia Care and Alzheimer’s care.

Our experienced carers deliver a first-class service, and are committed to ensuring that our clients maintain their freedom and confidence throughout the process. For these reasons, we pride ourselves in delivering a fantastic service with compassion, warmth and dignity.

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Our Services

Our services are broken up into different packages, we do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. This also means that all of our packages are completely bespoke and tailored to the clients requirements. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Caring for the elderly
  • Caring for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Live-in Care / 24 Hour Care
  • Caring for those with any kind of physical disability of disfigurement
  • Caring for those with learning difficulties including Autism
  • Personal hygiene and cleanliness (washing, bathing, getting in and out of bed)
  • Preparing meals
  • Providing domestic care and cleaning home
  • Respite Care – Allowing the main carer, or family carer a break from the care they provide
  • End of life care – caring for those with life threatening conditions
  • Escorting through the community / Shopping – Appointments, social activities
  • Providing extra support for those coming home from hospital

Live in Care (24 Hour) in Belgravia

Our live in care services are extremely useful for those struggling with day-to-day chores, and may require assistance at night. Our carers are specialists in the area of Live-In Care, and have been in the care industry for many years. We provide care in a comprehensive and professional manner, which allows the client to feel comfortable in their home environment.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Belgravia

Many people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s struggle when adjusting to new environments, so it makes sense to keep them within an environment that they are comfortable in; their home.

Being able to remain in their own home removes the need to readjust to another environment, and also comes with the added benefit of maintaining their independence and dignity.

We as a family organisation understand the level of care and support sufferers require. Our specialist care workers are most certainly equipped to give this kind of care.

Respite Care in Belgravia

Our respite service allows carers, whether they are family or working carers a break from the clients environment, giving them time to recuperate and resume their role as a carer in the household. We understand the requirements of carers within the family, and we know how to adjust our services accordingly.

We tend to plan respite care ahead of time, but we are able to respond very quickly to emergencies. If a carer has had to leave the home for any reason, we can provide our services during this time period.

Belgravia Re-Enablement Services

A large amount of people need some help every now and again to remain at home following an injury, or incident within the home. This could be at any time of the caring process, and we are here to help the client get back on their feet. We are able to help rebuild the confidence of the individual, and further assist them in their role of independence within the home.

Depending on our circumstances, we are able to begin providing these services the day you enquire. This would involve making sure that you have what we need to get started creating the care package and providing the service.

Belgravia End of Life Care / Palliative Care

People with a life threatening or terminal condition would rather stay at home than stay in a hospital. If a client requires end of life care, we choose specialist staff trained in providing both personal and practical care. We support the decision of remaining in the home, and provide a compassionate service with the client in mind irrespective.

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