Care at Home Services

Care in your own home by Westminster Care

What we do

We assist our clients to live safe in the comfort of their own homes, whilst being able to maintain a level of independence and dignity throughout.

We offer a number of different care at home services, which consist of everything from regular visits to cleaning, personal care or shopping. We essentially provide an individual everything they may require to stay in the comfort of their accustomed surroundings.

All of our clients are highly individual, and we have tailored our services specifically to suit that. We can offer you a highly bespoke care package, suited to address all of the clients needs. In this care package we have care visits, which can be as short as 15 minutes, and can be as long as 24 hours a day.

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Our care at home services

We’re a registered provider of home care services. We have a large team of trained and fully qualified carers who specialise in a multitude of different caring disciplines. Having these carers allows us to be able to cater for a wide array of different needs, and provide specialist care. Each and every client receives a fully customisable care package to assist with their needs. They are highly flexible, and include well monitored visits each day.

Our Personal Care Services Include…

  • Moving to and from bed
  • Getting washed and dressed during the day
  • Getting in and out of the bath / shower
  • Going to and from the toilet
  • Preparing meals during the week
  • Taking medication
  • Moving around the home

Our Practical Care Services Include…

  • Assisting with personal washing / ironing
  • Cleaning the home and performing domestic housekeeping
  • Going with or getting the shopping
  • Arranging medical appointments, going with individual to medical appointments
  • Providing companionship, someone to talk to
  • Assisting where possible with the payment of bills

Live-in Care in Westminster & City of London

All of our live-in care services make it possible for those who require continued support over a long period, the support they require. Our professional carers are trained in a number of different caring disciplines, and can offer the client the choice of remaining in the comfort of their own home. Our carers are by far the best suited to providing live-in care.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Westminster & City of London

The best environment for those whom are struggling from conditions such as Dementia & Alzheimer’s is in an environment that they are accustomed to, such as their own home.

Sufferers of Dementia & Alzheimer’s are most definitely going to feel more confident, and independent within their own home. We offer them the chance to maintain their independence and dignity.

Our carers have a good understanding of all of the personal, practical and emotional requirements of these vulnerable individuals, and are fully equipped to deliver the care they require.

Respite Care in Westminster & City of London

Our respite services can be delivered in one of two forms; as an outreach service to the clients home or as a supported break away from the clients home environment. We can offer the main carer a needed break from their caring role in the home. We understand all of the needs and requirements of family carers, and with our expertise and knowledge we can provide a suitable solution to the support they require to continue providing the care suited to the client.

We tend to plan these services ahead of time, however at Bluebird Care we can provide a prompt response to those in emergency situations where a carer cannot provide his/her role temporarily in the household.

Westminster & City of London Re-Enablement Services

We understand that those who have just previously struggled with a difficult period, such as an added illness or injury may require additional care. They may require more medication, following a traumatic experience or being discharged from hospital. We can provide the confidence that they need, and during this period maximise their independence.

We would like to provide these services as soon as possible, potentially on the day of enquiry. This would allow us to ensure that everything is in place for the individual coming back home, making their return to home completely seamless and unhindered.

Westminster & City of London End of Life Care

We understand that those living with a terminal illness or life threatening condition would much rather remain at home. If a person struggling with a terminal condition chooses to have their personal, practical and emotional needs within their own home, it is our duty to deliver the care that they require.