Home Care and Live-in Care Services in Hyde Park

Westminster Care is a leading home care and live-in care (24hr) provider.

What we do

Our service allows us to care for adults of all ages, with or without illnesses or conditions. We have specialist carers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds including caring for those with conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and many others. Family is at the core of our business, and we take pride in being a family owned and oriented business.

We work hard in training our carers to the finest standards, and provide the care that we would want for our own family members. We train our carers in a number of different caring disciplines and strategies.

Our customers are also at the heart of our business. We’re passionate in our service because of the results we generate. Our carers always show an expertise in providing emotional support to all of our clients, and a professionalism throughout the duration of the care package.

If you would like to learn more about our domiciliary care services and/or create a bespoke care package, arrange a free consultation below:

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Our Services

We believe in providing an unhindered service that is completely seamless and suits the clients explicit requirements. With Westminster Care, you aren’t tied to any kind of long term contract and all of the care that the client will receive is completely tailored towards their needs. Here are some more details about some of the services that we provide:

  • Caring for the elderly, general care
  • Providing specialist care for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Overnight support and live in care
  • We also care for those with any kind of physical disfigurement or disability
  • We provide support for those with autism and other learning difficulties
  • We can care for those who cannot wash or dress themselves, providing a personal care solution
  • We prepare meals for those who cannot
  • Providing housekeeping services when the client cannot
  • We provide Respite Care, when a primary carer cannot provide their duty of care to a client
  • We also provide Palliative Care
  • We can accompany the client throughout the community, journeying through the town
  • We can provide extra care when a client is discharged from the hospital

There are lots of intricate details that we detail below:

24 Hour Care in Hyde Park

Our live in care is very good and suited to lots of clients as it allows them to remain inside the comfort of their own home whilst receiving a suitable care package. In this care package, we can provide the client with both of their personal and practical needs.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Hyde Park

We understand that those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s can struggle in adjusting to new environments. This is why we provide a suitable service for them in our specialised Dementia & Alzheimer’s caring area.

All of our care staff are very well equipped and trained in dealing with those struggling from either Dementia or Alzheimers. We understand how to assist them in their day-to-day duties, and can provide a suitable care package involving personal and practical care.

Respite Care in Hyde Park

Our respite care package allows those carers who are currently within the household and provide care on a day to day basis, a break. We understand how difficult their role can be from time to time, and have specifically created a suitable care package for their clients.

We tend to plan these kinds of care packages ahead of time, but we can also respond very quickly to emergency enquiries, and can provide care from that day forward.

Hyde Park Re-Enablement Services

We understand that many people may need help following a difficult time, whether this involves another injury or illness or return from hospital. We are there for the client to rebuild their health, wellness and confidence in themselves, as well as maximise their independence during this rough times.

Each day we get a number of enquiries about our re-enablement services, and try to respond quickly and start our services on the day of the enquiry. This ensures that everything is in place for the person in their own home, and that we can perform a number of different checks around the home for the resources that we require to complete the care successfully.

Hyde Park End of Life Care

We can provide a suitable care package for those of whom are suffering from terminal or life threatening conditions / diseases. Our staff are there to help provide reassurance, confidence and compassion towards the client. Our carers are trained in both personal and practical care requirements.

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